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Activities of ATMA

District / Block level activities are further categorized in three groups namely:
(i) Farmer Oriented Activities;
(ii) Farm Information Dissemination;
(iii) Research-Extension-Farmer (R-E-F) linkages

(i)Farmer Oriented Activities include development of SREP, mobilization of farmer groups, training/ exposure visit of farmers, arranging demonstrations, all aimed at empowering farmers and improving their participation in technology dissemination process.
(ii) Farm Information Dissemination includes local level agricultural exhibitions, information dissemination through printed materials and development of technology packages in electronic form are covered.
(iii) Research-Extension-Farmer (R-E-F) linkages based activities include organization of Farmer-Scientist Interaction at local level, organization of Field-days and Kisan Goshties and support for local level researchable issues which emanate from SREP

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