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District Level Planning and Implementation: -

The soul is an autonomous body. The Board of Governors will formulate a comprehensive guideline policy. The Spirit Management Committee (AMC) will be the executive branch for the implementation of the scheme. At the district level, the District Farmers' Advisory Committee will assist in the planning and implementation of the District Agricultural Extension.

Taluka level planning and implementation: -

At Taluka Level - Taluka / Group Technology Group (BTT) comprising of Group / Taluka level officers from Agriculture and Agriculture Allied Departments Group Farmer Advisory Committee (BFAC) comprising progressive and exemplary farmers will play a vital role in taluka level agricultural expansion planning. The farmers selected in the group farmer advisory committee should be selected mainly from the farmer / agricultural science board, farmer group in a rotational manner which will guide the taluka technology from time to time. The Taluka Technology Manager and Assistant Technology Manager in the Taluka Atma Cell will be responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Taluka Action Plan with the help of BTT and BFAC.

Village Level Planning and Implementation: -

i) Shetkari Mitra will be an important link between the agricultural extension system and the farmers. 1 farmer friend will be selected for each of the two villages. Farmer Friends will be available to guide the farmers regarding the Department of Agriculture. Farmers, Farmers Service Centers etc. Farmer Mitra will help in exchanging information about extension programs. (ii) Provide technical assistance to agribusinesses where possible and encourage them to participate in agricultural expansion. (iii) Agriculture and agriculture related subjects should be conducted in the taluka.