Welcome To ATMA Chandrapur

Atma, an autonomous organization has been set up at the district level to provide information on agricultural extension to the farmers. Atma, Chandrapur Sanstha has been registered with the Charity Commissioner in 2005 under the Act (1860).

Recommendations for a comprehensive study of agricultural researchers, extension workers, farmers and other stakeholders (NGOs, public, community and private sector, etc.) to get acquainted (start) with the District Development Plan and local innovation in technology transmission. It is the Spirit's responsibility to keep them all together. In other words, the Atma Sanstha is essential for developing a research expansion plan on a variety of topics, under certain conditions, to accelerate agricultural development in the project district. In addition to planning a realistic research expansion, the necessary development work should be done by whom. The SREP also provides basic information on this.

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